Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Two More Invitations

Having just received the invitation to artists exhibiting in the Central Library, I had to share it with you:
and this enticing one from Tase Woolf's studio

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Tributes to Two SOS Artists

I am saddened that two of our very popular artists are not able to take part this year because they are no longer with us. This is of course bound to happen at some stage, but to lose two people in one year is very sad.
We thought that we would like to remember them by having a piece of their work on display, and some memories of them alongside the work.
David Morse made giant metal sculptures which resided in his garden; they charmed visitors, and word quickly got around that his house at the edge of Wroughton village was the place to visit to see these magnificent beasts. He also produced some beautiful paintings and glasswork, here it's a painting that is represented, a print of the painting is in the Beehive on Prospect Hill.
 Here's the print:
 and the words with one of the last photos of David:

 and here are the two together in the top bar at the Beehive:
 Jonathan Paget known for his wry humor when it came to representing situations in his life, was a very popular artist who also painting beautiful local scenes like the watercolour of The Bandstand at the Town Gardens on display at Minuteman in Newport Street, with some information about him.
and words for Jonathan:
The walk around Old Town Trail starting at 7pm on Tuesday 23 August at the Marriott Hotel will end at the Beehive, and take in Minuteman Press.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

SOS Individual's Invitations Part 4

Invitations are still arriving, we've never had so many individual ones, it's great. Please keep them coming if you haven't made yours yet. They are so good.
I'm going to start with David Robinson's invitation which invites you to his studio in Omdurman Street, and also lets you know he has an exhibition in 1801 and has work in Francis George in the High St.:
 He's also made a guide to Swindon for anyone not familiar with the town. This is an invaluable piece of work isn't it? I think Mark Worrall's work will also be on display.
Next Susan Carr and Terry Humphries' invitation, they are exhibiting in the Old Town Gardens on both Saturdays and from Greenmeadow on Sundays
Beverley Greig will be showing her abstract paintings inspired by local landscapes at the Core throughout September:
 and Brenda Lammin is exhibiting at 123, Goddard Avenue:

How Old is Swindon Open Studios?

With the 2016 Swindon Open Studios event upon us in 2 weeks time, I thought I'd see how many events we've had, and how long ago it started. It's quite good to be able to have a few facts.
It wasn't really my idea to start counting how long the scheme has been going in Swindon; I was prompted by a Tweet from Swindon Local Studies who have been collecting our brochures every year, and had these in their photograph:
There are 9 brochures and two flyers in their photograph. In the back row, they've got 2009, 2014, 2015. Next row 2012 where we got the date wrong and had to attach 5000 stickers to the front while watching the London Olympics then 2010 and 2008. On the third row down, there's 2011 with Theresa Dowdeswell's lovely ceramic piece on the front, followed by a flyer and a 2003 brochure which I haven't got a copy of.
They are missing 2004, 2006 and 2013 pictured below:
So between us, we've got the complete set of 12 brochures. I'm hoping we can give each other copies of missing ones.
In answer to the question, this is the twelfth Swindon Open Studios, and ninth continuous one since 2008 when a group of volunteers took over the running of the scheme, which had been initially funded by Swindon Borough Council.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Invitations Part 3

The invitations continue to be sent in, they are so lovely, and so different.
Have a look at the latest:
This one from Elmar Rubio who is really getting into the spirit of things with this very stylish invitation:
And this one from Sarah Church who's in the Central Library:
And one from Artsite, as always, there's lots going on there:

 Then Lynette Thomas' invitation for her Beehive exhibition:

And Lynne Forrester who is at Bradenstoke Village Hall:
 and Christine Tipper whose studio is in Liden
Are there any more invitations to post?

Monday, 15 August 2016

Old Town Art Trail 23 August 7pm at the Marriott.

Inside the brochures, you will have seen the list of businesses in Old Town who are part of the Old Town Trail. We thought it might be a good idea to make a trail, and have a look at them.
I'll add a few photos to give you an idea of what we mean:
The photo above is of Deb Battaglia's work at Balulas

I have taken Caroline Day's information from Facebook because it says it all:

'Please join us on an evening art trail of just some of the many wonderful Old Town businesses showcasing Swindon Open Studios artists' work. We will begin with a drink at Swindon Marriott Hotel at 7pm, move up into the heart to wander looking in the business windows at the wonderful wares to include our artist's works! We will be stopping for pit stops to purchase alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks, and to chat at The Royal Oak Old Town, The Hop Inn, and 1801, ending with The Beehive Swindon. Times are approximate (apart from the 7pm start time!!) Phone 07788887726 if you are joining us late. Please invite your friends on the event link and RSVP via swindonopenstudios@hotmail.co.uk

What it's all about >>> Many wonderful artists are currently showcasing their Swindon Open Studios artwork in windows or venues in the Old Town businesses. The complete Old Town Trail (due to start on the 15th of August ) introduces a range of art work from just some of the many artists taking part in SOS. The art work is currently appearing in 29 supportive Old Town business venues listed below. In the album you will see a selection of what is on display. Please print out or pick up a flyer from a participating venue for the whole tour.

SOS brochures and Old Town Trail guides will be available from these venues who are showcasing artwork:
Harmony Brides Swindon, BellaJojos Pet Boutique & Spa, Richard James Estate Agents, Miller & Holland, Swindon Museum & Art Gallery, Swindon Marriott Hotel, Minuteman Press Swindon, Appliance World, Gilberts of Swindon, The Midcounties Co-operative, Lloyds Bank, Old Town Hardware, Balula's Deli & Cafe, Young's of Wood Street, in-toto kitchens Swindon, Blaylocks, The Core Swindon, Francis George Solicitor-Advocate, GlamoRose Cakes, Kablooms&theflowerbasket, Eastcott Vets, The Royal Oak Old Town, Deacons Jewellers, The Hop Inn, Boots, The Croft Gallery, Run Swindon, 1801 Cocktails and Coffee and The Beehive Swindon.'

And a selection of work in the trail:
 Above Jacquie Primrose at Kablooms, and below Emily May at the Croft Gallery
 Susan Carr's pet portraits appear in Eastcott Vets
 and Dona Bradley at Harmony Brides:
 I do hope you can join us for what promises to be a lovely evening.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Invitations to SOS part 2

Well it really feels like party time, more invitations coming in all the time!
Vanetta Joffe and Rachel Pryor are sharing Venue 7, the fabulous Liddington Manor, they have a two sided invitation:

 Also there's a lovely invitation from Dona Bradley who will be exhibiting in the Central Library:
And Teresa Davey who will be exhibiting with Alex Coppock-Bunce in Avenue Road on Saturday 10 September, so make a note that they're only open on that date
 Naomi Cantillon has sent this invitation:

And Bee Operanto is opening her studio just down the road from Deb Battaglia in Kingsdown Park.
And Every Cloud Arts and Crafts, just along the road and round the corner from Beb Battaglia and Bee Operanto in Stanton Park:
And this is the other side of their invitation:
There will be an invitations part 3 I'm sure.