Monday, 16 January 2012

The Edward Burra Exhibition at the Pallant House gallery and Chichester Cathedral

The Pallant House gallery is a a jewel of a gallery situated a little way from the shopping centre. It is hosting an exhibition of 70 Edward Burra paintings, mainly watercolours, but of the depth of colour and sort you have never seen before. How did he manage to get such detail and depth of colour from watercolour?
You have until 21 February to go and have a look, and buy the book that accompanies the exhibition, I'm sorry that I didn't do so thinking I could buy a book about him elsewhere.
 This is the outside of the Pallant House Gallery, a Grade One listed Queen Anne townhouse. The modern part of the gallery is just visible on the left of the picture
 One of the 'birds' outside the gallery.
 The poster for the exhibition called 'Three sailors at a bar.'. Too many reflections to see it properly.
 'Snack Bar' detail 1930, this one is oil on canvas.
 On the 26th of January, there is an evening of readings from Burra's letters to his friends.
'Market Day' 1926 watercolour on paper.
To find out more:
It is also worth looking around Chichester Cathedral, as you approach, have a look at the cockerel on top of the weathervane, it's made form Fairtrade gold fairly mined in Peru.
Here are some of the delights:
 The window by Marc Chagall
 This is where you put a 20pence coin to light up the mosaic
 Above is a tapestry by John Piper
 The mosaic pictured above is from the 3rd Century and illuminated by putting 20pence into the carving already shown.
 This is one of the two Chichester Reliefs, carved stone panels, examples of pre gothic sculpture.
 Above is a Cecil Collins altar piece, 'Sunhead'. It has a great glowing eminence about it in a subtle way.

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