Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Leonardo Exhibition and other Delights in London

The Leonardo exhibition is according to the National Gallery's information, the most complete display of Leonardo's rare paintings ever held.
The drawings are exquisite and the paintings breathtakingly beautiful; a particular coup was the chance to see the Louvre and the National Gallery versions of The Virgin on the Rocks together for the very first time.
Three favourite images from the exhibition were:

 Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani (The Lady with an Ermine) about 1489-90
 The Virgin on the Rocks (The Virgin with the Infant Saint John adoring the Infant Christ accompanied by an Angel) about 1491-1508
 The Last Supper about 1520 painted by Giovan Pietro Rizzoli. The painting measures 302cm x 785cm.
The advance tickets for the exhibition have sold out, but a limited number of tickets are available to buy in person on each day of the exhibition from 10am.
The rest of the National Gallery was quiet compared to the Leonardo exhibition, I particularly liked this van Gogh painting:
 Farms near Auvers 1890

A quite different exhibition at the Redfern Gallery, 20, Cork Street is also well worth visiting. The gallery is holding an exhibition of Kurt Jackson's latest work featuring paintings capturing the Cornish landscape. They are very desirable paintings, I would love to own one.
 Here's the poster for the exhibition with a few photos of the paintings to give an idea of their magnificence.
 The sculpture of the horse with a dog running behind it is part of the Animals in the War sculpture near Hyde Park.
 And last but by no means least, a much deserved rest near Paddington Station at the end of a long day- this is a photo of the tiled fireplace and a detail below in the Fountains Abbey

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