Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Preview of the New Exhibition at Swindon's Museum and Art Gallery and Exciting News

The Builder's Choice exhibition at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery,  SMAG, has now been replaced by an adventurous exhibition showing more work than  would normally be thought possible at one time.
On Thursday evening when the Friends of SMAG met, I took a few photos and thought how good it looked how good it looked. I think we need to ask Denys Hodson who has already talked about the previous exhibition, to come and talk about some of the individual paintings.
Looking for more information on the exhibition and the opening date, I came across the following announcement on Facebook:
'They Take Art Seriously in Swindon' is an exhibition of Twentieth-Century British Art, and the exhibition will be opened by the Patron of the Public Catalogue Foundation HRH The Duchess of Cornwall on 25 January.
There is great excitement over this announcement and more news of the happenings on the 25th to follow.
 The notice on the door
 Tim helping put up the exhibition
 And this is what is was looking like.

More news on the exhibition when it's available.

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