Wednesday, 25 January 2012

'They Take Art Seriously in Swindon' exhibition opened today by HRH the Duchess of Cornwall

The exhibition of twentieth-Century British Art at the Swindon Art Gallery opened today to a great fanfare and a wonderfully glossy brochure.
It's worth getting to the gallery to look at the exhibition and get a copy of the brochure, the front page of which is shown below:
 This is the first page:
 And this is a hastily scanned page showing how the paintings are depicted. There are 8 to a page with a few whole page spreads.

It's a gorgeous brochure is an offprint from the Public Catalogue Foundation's Wiltshire and Gloucestershire catalogue. Those who would like a copy are advised to visit the gallery as soon as possible, brochures are selling fast, and at £10 represent an excellent chance to study the collection at your leisure.
An amusing tale from the reception: one of the people who hung the exhibition was asked to talk to the Duchess of Cornwall about the process of hanging. She was so intruiged by the tales of the paintings cramped storage conditions that she wanted to go and see for herself, and so spent some of her afternoon in very close quarters with Paul.
To find out more about The Public Catalogue Foundation, go to:

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