Sunday, 12 February 2012

Artists Inspired by Film - register your interest asap

Calling all artists- think of a favourite film, produce an artwork in response to that, OR look through your paintings and find one which could have been inspired by a film. It's the thought that counts.
The work will be displayed at Artsite during the course of the Film Festival, giving everyone good exposure to the film going public.
The Swindon Film Festival are offering monetary prizes for artworks judged as the best, with results announced at their Launch of the Film Festival on the 1st of March at 6pm. The suggested deadline for registering interest has been extended until the 13th of February, so you do need to get going.
If you read the blog before last, you will see all the details there, email soon, and take your work to the gallery in Theatre Square on the 29th of Feb.
Meanwhile check out the great films being shown at a variety of venues:

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