Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bishop's Palace, Wells hosted a Rare Plant Fair

The Rare Plant Fair brochure claims to produce a great day out for every visitor, and that was certainly the case today. Over 500 people visited the numerous stalls selling interesting and unusual plants at reasonable prices; the nursery owners have grown their plants and can give growing advice and will discuss a plant's suitability for particular conditions.
Here is the Plant Fair in full swing:
After buying plants, there were 14 acres of gardens to explore including the well pools from which the city takes its name.
 A bridge across the moat into the gardens.
 The Bishop's Palace and moat, a bit into the sun.
 View of the ruins.
People dozing in the sun beside the ruins.
 This statue is called 'Adam and Eve' or 'The Expulsion Group', it's by EJ Clark and  there is more information about it below.

 This is a willow crocodile, soon to have some willow nests.
 Another statue facing the dozers.
This is one of the well pools with the cathedral in the background.
The next photos were taken very near the cathedral:
 Above, the cathedral is quite a shock when you first see it, it's so magnificent.
 I tried to show some detail in this photo.

Above is the Music School
This is a series of beautifully restored houses very close to the cathedral, seen from the road under the bridge below:

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