Saturday, 24 March 2012

Try and Visit the Spring Member's Exhibition at Artste, it's on until the 7th of April

And open from Weds-Saturday each week from 11am-4pm.
What a great exhibition, here are a few photos of some of it, lots more to see when you go there. It's at The Post Modern, Artsite, Theatre Square, Swindon, SN1 1QN

Quite a 'Wow' factor as you walk in, it's a beautifully set up exhibition.
Liam Shortridge's  ambitious and fascinating sculpture, is visible to the left of Paul Exton's painting on the end wall. Liam's piece is called 'Throne to the Minister of Words' and is £4500

 Dee Dee Carter 'Myths of Wiltshire'
 Paula Sullivan's 'Sympathetic Space' and 'Standing Out' £120 and £185 respectively.
 Lynette Thomas 'Spirits in a Shed' £175
 Sorry, I haven't written down the name of the person who painted this, she's new to me, and I can't remember who she is.
 On the left, Alex Coppock-Bunce's 'Still Life and Vases' and on the right Pei Pei Lim's 'Childless the Threshold'
 This is Fay Ringham's stunning 'Coral Corset' £350
 Kim Pethybridge's lovely birds 'Birds of Colima' £150
Tim Carroll's two pieces 'Oak Tree' £500 and 'Anthony and Cleopatra' £400
To buy any of the pieces or to find out more about the exhibition, please come along, or visit the website:
The big celebratory night is the 2nd of April.
On the way down to Artsite, I noticed at the bottom of Vic Hill, the Magnolia stellata in flower, just look at this:

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