Thursday, 17 May 2012

BLOG STANDARD - a live look at blogging with Hilda Sheehan and Marcus Moore

Hilda and Marcus shared the stage in the Studio at the Art's centre as part of the Festival of Literature programme, they talked for half an hour each about their respective blogs.

From their comments, it became clear that blogging and it's purpose it an entirely individual activity. Hilda has 46 different blogs and uses them to demonstrate her skills as a poet, playwright and creator of alter egos, a sort of cv.

Marcus on the other hand uses his blog as a way of writing, to keep a certain number of words per day committed to the blog. He has written something every day for his blog for over 400 days.
Unusually I didn't take a photograph, it wasn't until later that I realised I could write a blog item about different sorts of blogging.

I learnt that you can embed apps. from ISSUU, show videos and it's a good idea to tick the Facebook option so everyone knows you've posted something.

The only image I have of Hilda and Marcus is from the Literature Festival brochure:

Their blogs are at

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