Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tim Carroll's Exhibition of Lovely Small Items and Paintings at the Beehive

Looking for an excuse to go for a drink in the Beehive on Prospect Hill? Here's the perfect reason to go, Tim has just put up a delightful exhibition there with plenty of affordable artworks, perfect for a birthday or wedding present.
Here's a selection:

 Contact details, either ring, email, or visit Tim's website for more images of recent work.

 Ceramic angels, very sweet and perfect if you have more than one, they make a lovely tinkling sound. £4 each
 'Birds in a Tree', one of four designs. Perfect for a romantic gift, or if you like birds in trees. £20
 'Green Man' face taken from Christ Church pulpit, permission to take a cast given. £20
 'Vespas in Roma', acrylic on canvas. £100
'Regent Street', stoneware ceramic. £150
The photos of the whole exhibition turned out blurry, so it would be a good diea to go and have a look.
More information on the Beehive can be found
And on Tim Carroll:

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