Monday, 7 May 2012

Photos from the Dawn Chorus at the start of the 19th Swindon Festival of Literaturee

The best bit of the day so far was the Dawn Chorus at 5.30am in Lawn Woods.
It was cold, but we had sunshine and no wind, if you weren't there, or have never been, try and make it for the 20th Festival of Literature next year.
It all went ahead as per brochure,
The 'someone' mentioned making the maypole ribbons weave and sway the untangled way was Tony Hillier back from his travels.
Here are the photos:

 My favourite part iwas Danny playing the pipes at the beginning.
 Second favourite Jake and Tom fire juggling, I've taken a few photos of them which give an idea of the atmosphere.

 What a wonderful start, let's hope the rest of the festival goes as well as this.

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