Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Carole's Love Tree and a Photo of our Street Party

Is decorating trees for people an art form? Yes I think it is.
On Saturday Tim and I held a party celebrating getting married, being together for 20 years and moving house relatively recently.
I had been told about Carole Bent's skills and experienced them first hand in her delightful house and garden, so asked if she'd come and transform some of the garden for me. She kept decorations to a small area because of the threat of imminent rain which in fact fortunately held off until half way through the party.
Here are some photos of the Love Tree:
 The finished tree is above.
 And here are photos of a rather cold looking Carole decorating the tree.  I think I should have lent her a coat.
And a photo of the St. Margaret's Road Jubilee Street Party:
 What a shame it rained, but the party carried on.

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