Friday, 29 June 2012

Update on the Campaign to Make Front Gardens Greener

I wrote a piece earlier in the year about helping remove gravel from Jane's front garden, and replacing some of it with a flower border.
This is an update, not only is Jane's front garden now very eye catching and interesting, but Jane's next door neighbour, Raquel, has also removed some of the gravel, and found the original edging to the border under the gravel.
The neighbour on the other side has said she will do the same when she's had some building work done.
Here are 2 photos of Jane's front garden.
And below here is Raquel's front garden with the original edging she discovered beneath the gravel.
You can see what a difference a head start of a couple of months has made, but this garden will of course grow.
Interestingly, approximately 4 hours after I posted this piece, there was a question on Gardener's Question time about greening front gardens.
I have included a photograph of an unkempt front garden beside a very busy main road because I have seen a sparrow happily pecking on some weed seeds in there. It may be paved over, but it has been left long enough to become a bird friendly space:
Walking along Oakley Road, just off the King's Road in London on Saturday, I noticed this lovely front garden in a street without any front gardens, it appears to have been superimposed onto the exiting pavement:

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