Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ken White's Window Gallery Exhibition of Lino cuts, prints and watercolours

This month, Ken has rented  the window gallery opposite Artsite in Theatre Square. The first photograph shows Ken putting up his work without the aid of a spirit level. I'll go and photograph it again today so you can see the changes he made.
 I can see what he means, the second arrangement looks neater.
Here are photos of a couple of the pictures:

 The one above is a watercolour.
This one is a linocut I think.
To find out more about Ken and his work visit:

 After photographing Ken's window exhibition, I went to buy some chillies in Broad Street and  noticed Dave Bent's picture being used to advertise the Air Tattoo at Fairford on a hoarding, it's rather impressive isn't it?
To find out more about Dave Bent and his aviation art,

And on another plane entirely, in our occasional series, 'But is it Art?'
Here's a cake decoration photo.

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