Wednesday, 20 June 2012

TWIGS June Summer Open Day Saturday 24th June 11am-4pm

If at all possible, whatever the weather, do try and visit this Open day. I went along on Monday to check out the gardens, buy some plants and see how the TWIGS SOS registration was progressing.
The individual gardens give one so many ideas for making one's garden more interesting.
Here are a few photos:
Here's one of the gardens with a lovely dome feature.
And another garden to attract wildlife.
And the totally wild meadow where there's even more wildlife!
 A glorious view showing how important arches can be in dividing up spaces.
 The path down the middle of the gardens. The different gardens appear on the right and left of the path.
Don't these stained glass pieces look good here? What a good idea.
Here is the area where you can buy splendid perennial plants. As you can see, they are well grown and very healthy specimens.

And this is what I bought. The pink flowers in the foreground are from a Campanula with double flowers, my favourite plant of the moment, it's been repotted and sits outside the kitchen window.
TWIGS is also open during the week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10.30-3pm
Other Open days are: Sunday 15th of July N.G.S 1-5pm
Sunday 29th July W.W.T. Golden Gardens 1-4pm

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