Monday, 23 July 2012

Artsite's New Exhibition and the Runner Beans are ready to eat

There's a great exhibition at Artsite opening next Wednesday August 1st at 11am, with a private view at 6.30pm on Saturday 4th of August.
It's about pictures based on song lyrics, what an interesting idea.
The exhibition is being organised by Hannah Moreton who has also set up a blog to let people know more about the artists taking part.
Have a look:
There will also be more information on the Artsite

Two months ago, I took some photographs of my runner bean poles, they looked very neat and tidy, with sweet runner bean plants at their bases. I thought since I am now eating the beans, I'd give an update on the poles, they are not as neat as they were, and the runner bean plants are quite unruly, but delicious.
An update on this post, after 3 days of warm sun, I picked 2lbs of beans today, they are absolutely delicious. It is worth getting things done at the right time.
I am not good at building structures, but am still strangely attracted to building them. A living willow structure at the Westmill Woodland Burial site, was so lovely, I took a photograph with the intention of growing one in the back garden.
Here's the willow structure:
And here's the space I'm clearing in the 'natural' part of the back garden where there will be a willow structure:

For more information on the glorious woodland burial site near Watchfield:

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