Monday, 16 July 2012

The Big Arts Day - Swindon's Celebration at Lydiard Park

Lydiard Park is a wonderful setting for the Big Arts Day, and despite the dreary weather, the mood among the crowds of people who attended was good. They were there to enjoy themselves, meet their friends, and join in with the many things to see and do whatever your interests.
Helen Miah, the main organiser of the event can sit back for a while in the knowledge she and her team pulled off another great day of entertainment for Swindon, she did put a message on Facebook saying she had worked something like 90 hours last week.
Roger Ogle's photos are great:
The photos I took are of what I enjoyed, they are not necessarily representative of what was on offer.
Firstly I looked for a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream reputedly in the garden, I'd missed it, but looked round the fabulous walled garden:

Just look at the long borders.
 These 2 plants were so prolific, maybe a type of Clary above and below I'm not sure.

 In front of Lydiard House, there was an informative palaeontologist  with a young dinosaur. The children loved it.
The nearest tent was showing a 20 minute film: A Portrait of Swindon by filmmaker Gurchetan Singh. He sought to 'capture films and rhythms of a day in Swindon in this Jubilee year.' It is a heartwarming celebration of life in Swindon., and is touring public venues over the summer and autumn. To find out more about the film and where to see it, visit:

Jill Carter was taking photos of people on the couch to add to her series of Swindon on the Couch. For more on Jill,

Next to the Craft Tent:

Look at this banner advertising Gina Dunsford's stall.
What an excellent idea

Gina Dunsford and Moon at her lovely stall, details of what was on the stall appear below:
 Porcelain brooches above and porcelain earrings below.

 Above a photo of one of Gina's gorgeous brooches

And hand printed tea towels with that gorgeous pattern repeated, good enough to be framed.
I got a bit carried away with Gina's stall, have a look at her

 Carmen B Norris was also there with fabulous images:

 For more information on
And Rachel Coyle with amazing glass work:
 Gorgeous colours together, unfortunately slightly spoiled by Rachel being in the background.
This photo of a plate is better with other glass pieces around the edges.

At 6.45pm, The Erin Bardwell Collective, great favourites of mine, played in the Acoustic tent:

 As it began to get dark, I cycled off past the coloured horses and foals.
What a good day out.

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