Thursday, 26 July 2012

Special Plants Nursery - 4 miles from the M4 Bath turn off

I visited Special Plants on their last opening day in October, the garden was closed that day, but the nursery was open and absolutely glorious.
These are the photos I took that day:
 The shady poly tunnel above.
 Several varieties of Salvias
 Lots of plants for sale.
And a greenhouse stocked with plants needing protection.

I returned to  Special Plants yesterday to see the garden and buy some more plants.
The garden is open from 11am-5pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from March-October, and when you arrive, there is a notice saying garden access through the house.
The house is fabulous and Derry Watkins who runs Special Plants greets you and is ready to identify any of the myriad of plants in the garden. I went out into the garden equipped with a plan of the garden and a list of the plants. I was able to identify one of the Lydiard walled garden's mystery plants as: Morina longifolia
Instead of long shadows seen in the previous photos, yesterdays show the sun high in the sky. It was too hot, but the garden looked marvellous, go and have a look.
 Above Violas and Erigeron in profusion
 These photos give an idea of the sheer density of planting

 And below planting around the pond.
The nursery where you can buy the most amazing range of plants is open 7 days a week11am-4pm.
To find out more about Special Plants have a look at the

Dan Pearson gardening writer in the Observer has written a piece praising this nursery and others on page 44/45 in the colour supplement on the 12th of August. To see the article visit:
Excellent to praise Special Plants nursery before he did so!


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  2. Yes they have wonderful plants for sale and are able to give lots of information about them.