Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Visit to Avebury Manor on a wet July Day

What sort of job did the BBC do in their joint venture with the National Trust to renovate Avebury Manor?  I'd watched the television programmes on sourcing materials to furnish the house, helped weed the walled kitchen garden for a day and been to the opening ceremony at the beginning of October 2011.
The intention was to document the visit through photos with a bit of text, meaning take photographs on my mobile phone. There is no mobile phone reception for Vodafone, so after the first few photographs, my phone would not turn on, so I have had to rely on photographs taken by one of my companions on the trip, kindly emailed to me.
And in reality, the BBC book that has been produced to give the background to the rooms is so much better than anything I could reproduce here.
This  what you see as you look out of the front door.
 There are 9 rooms to see in the house, all depicting a different period in time. The first one is a 1930s room. Above there's a fireplace and below a painted screen.

 And what a marvellous example of an art nouveau figure below.
We then went into the kitchen which had an old egg box, a marvellous range masses of washing up,and some suffragette leaflets in the drawers of a huge blue dresser:

Avebury Manor is one of the 'Hands on' National Trust houses where you are encouraged to look in drawers, touch things, get on the beds etc.
In the dining room, Vanetta tried on a hat, have a look at the 'tapestries in the background, they are in fact pictures of tapestries printed onto thick cotton.
 And below part of a peacock feather bedspread.
The walled garden looks very well managed, and there is an excellent long border with possibly a beautiful Sambuca in it.
And everywhere looked so green.
Should you go and visit? Yes definitely.

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