Friday, 10 August 2012

Delivering Brochures to Nutford Lodge and Pavenhill

What a glorious morning to visit Pat Elmore's glorious studio and garden to deliver her brochures. If you have visited, you will want to go again, and if you haven't, it's a real treat.
It's the beautiful ouse on the left of the King and Queen pub as you look at it.
The light was so bright this morning, although the view of the Ridgeway was hazy, so I didn't take one of that, I'll leave that for visitors to see.

Here's the outside of Nutford Lodge

 Some of Pat's chickens, very realistic in the garden.
One of the athletic figures Pat does so fantastically
 Inside the conservatory workroom
 One end of the studio
 Some carved owls, delightful presents.
One of two very large birds in the front garden
An example of the bold work produced by Kimmy Thomson who will also be at Pat's Open Studios.
 And a few photos of the garden.
 Including an acre of pond.
 The side of the house.

 And the most glorious Monardas
And last but not least, a relatively small second pond.
Have a look at Pat's and Kimmy's websites:

From Longcot, I went to deliver brochures to Toni and Gordon Dickinson at 87, Pavenhill, Purton, unfortunately they were out, so I took some photos of their front garden:

And that's just the front garden, there is so much more to see inside and in the magnificent back garden.

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