Thursday, 9 August 2012

TWIGS exhibition in the Community Gallery and People ARE Eating Sandwiches in Theatre Square.

What I have termed the Community Gallery is in reality Number 10 window, but it is where groups in the community can put together an exhibition.
TWIGS the fabulous gardens and workshops situated near Cheney Manor Garden Centre SN2 2QJ have taken over the whole window with a butterfly meadow reconstruction.
 TWIGS, Swindon's secret garden, is the only garden in Swindon to make it into the 'Yellow Book'
This is the window of butterflies, a very poor photograph, must try again.
This lovely quote by Buckminster Fuller was below it:

 'There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it is going to be a butterfly'

While taking these photos at lunchtime, I noticed that the recently created flowerbeds in Theatre Square have encouraged people to eat their sandwiches in the area, they have improved it so much and have been planted beautifully.
I mention this because when considering how the area could be improved, one of the measures of success was, would people eat their sandwiches there.
The person was sitting on the back wall overlooking this bed.
Finally Art in Hospitals seems to have taken off at the Great Western Hospital, with a huge variety of different work hanging on walls in corridors and waiting rooms. It makes such a difference to the feel of the place.
This fabric work particularly interested me today:
I didn't take any details but it's in an outpatients waiting room.

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