Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Words & Pictures Exhibition at The Post Modern - Last few Days. And Karla Harvey's Exhibition at the Landing Arts Gallery

The Private View of this exhibition at the Post Modern, Theatre Square, SN1 1QN, was well attended, and enthusiastically enjoyed.
 Artists appeared to have been freed from their possible usual constraints by responding to a piece of music which meant something to them.
The photos of the evening could have been stunning were it not for my getting greasy fingers from the snacks over the camera lens, resulting a lot of blurry images. I will try and get down there again before the exhibition ends on Saturday the 11th of August, it's open daily until then from 11am - 4pm

 Here are some photos of the exhibits:
 Above is Beverley Greig's 'Sanguine' inspired by 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley www.beverleygreig.com
 The picture above is by Maggie Harris, it's called 'Do you know how I feel?' Inspired by 'Why' by Annie Lennox. Much more about Maggie's work can be found on her blog: www.stitchingwithschnauzerandsiamese.blogspot.co.uk
 These two are both by Tim Carroll, the one above inspired by 'Like a Rolling Stone' by Bob Dylan and the one below by a song out of Handel's Messiah - 'I Know my Redeemer Liveth'. More on Tim's work: www.timcarroll.co.uk
 The partly stained glass piece below is by Peter Berry, inspired by 'I am Rock' by Simon and Garfunkel. More on Peter's work at: www.berrystainedglass.co.uk Having just looked at his website, I have discovered that he won a competition while at Swansea College of Art to design a window in Chichester cathedral.
 This piece is also by Maggie Harris, inspired by 'I don't feel like dancing' by the Scissor Sisters, particularly the line 'You got so many colours, it makes a blind man so confused'.

On the same day, The Landing Arts Gallery at the Arts Centre in Devizes Road, had an opening of their second artist whose work can be viewed for the whole of August during Arts Centre opening hours.
Here is her poster:
And below a screen she has painted very successfully on both sides.
 Detail of the woman's head:
 And a glorious orangery:
More excellent photos have been put on Facebook by Jaime Bullock giving a much better idea of the paintings. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151174982601303.506191.730846302&type=1

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