Sunday, 2 September 2012

Benoit Philippe - SOS 2012 at Swindon Central Library

Benoit Philippe will be one of the 10 artists to exhibit at the Swindon Central Library during this year Swindon Open Studios. Two artists will be in the main entrance. Eight more artists (including Benoit) will be on the ground floor. To see their work, pass the cafe and take the corridor on your right.

Benoit Philippe paints with oil and watercolour. He will bring his easel and paint during the SOS week-ends.

The Hackpen White Horse - Oil on canvas panel (6" x 8") by Benoit Philippe

This white horse has several names, probably because of the surrounding villages. It is named The Hackpen or Broad Hinton or Winterbourne Bassett white horse.

White horses are an ancient tradition in Wiltshire. There are made of chalk and you can see them from far away.  You can read more on the subject on the Wiltshire White Horses website.

You can see more of Benoit's works on his blog:

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  1. That's a great painting Benoit. How did you manage to upload it I wonder?