Thursday, 13 September 2012

Open Studios Launch and First Weekend

We had a very successful launch on Friday evening at the Post Modern, lots of people turned up, the food was excellent, particularly Bea's really splendid arrangements.
 Bea's gorgeous salad arrangement seen above, there were real peppers, carrots and lettuce in it.
And here are Vicky Silver, Sally Taylor and Chris Barham waiting for the evening to start.
Vicky has taken 22 photos of the even, I have included 4 below, they give an idea of the evening:
 Bea Menier looking happy in front of the banner with Martin King in the background and Bill Cox walking into the picture.
 Lynette Thomas with her back to the camera talking to Vedanti Ramlall-Moody and Brian Britton
 Kimmy Thomson, Sharon Rich and Pat Elmore
 Tim Carroll and Benoit Philippe chatting and me talking to Joybells Hanley and her 2 friends.

Moving onto the Open Studios events taking place on Saturday and Sunday the 8th and 9th of September, Vicky Silver organised drawing classes at the Post Modern, they are well documented on the following page:
I couldn't resist copying one photo:

 Sue Wigmore ran a series of 'Come Melt with Me' sessions advertised in the very small poster below.
 There is a chance to attend the final one of Sue's workshops on Sunday the 16th of September at the Post Modern, Artsite, I think between 11am-4pm.
I am really disappointed I didn't manage to get to this workshop, but have found some great photos of it:
The former Reference Library and the 'drum' entrance to the Central Library hosted 11 artists at least. Carmen B Norris, one of the mixed media artists in there documented the weekend in a series of photos on her excellent blog:
They are well worth looking at, I have copied two, one of Carmen herself:
and one of Chris Dunn, this year's Bath Prize winner chatting about his work:
 Chris should have been at Inkspot, but sadly it closed just before Open Studios so he has been accommodated in the Central Library.
Here at 52, St. Margaret's Road, both mornings started well with glorious sunshine:
We put out the sign and had a steady stream of visitors.

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