Saturday, 22 September 2012

Swindon Open Studios 2012 Part 1- Wroughton and the Wyvern Gallery

I spent the second weekend of Open Studios visiting all the venues and studios to find out what was going on; it was a wonderful experience and really enjoyable.
I found it was well worth visiting as many places as possible; the variety of artists and their work is fascinating. What a marvellous group of people we had taking part; it was a tiring trip round, but well worth the effort.
Open Studios is a wonderful idea.
I'm going to attempt to produce an illustrated write up of the journey taken by Tim, Jane and I on the first day, and just Tim and I on the second day. Our first concern was which order to visit studios to travel the least distance.
We decided to visit Wroughton first, we arrived at Prospect Hospice just as Susan Carr, the art therapist there was about to leave, she kindly came back and showed us the art on the walls, the studio area and the wonderful outside area with mosaics on the  tubs containing fabulous flower and vegetable displays. Brian Bagnall has produced some amazing watercolours, prints of which were available for sale.* Colin Moss has painted some fabulous oil paintings and Stuart Butler a very good first ever painting.
Here are some of the photos taken:
This is one of Brian Bagnall's watercolours.
And here are the mosaic covered tubs:
 Here's one with a bee and containing some cabbages.
 These two have flower mosaics and flowers in the tubs.
From the Prospect, we went to Wroughton Library in the Ellendune Centre where Susan Carr and Terry Humphries held an exhibition of their work. More of Terry's work can be seen on his website:

 Tim has taken a photo of Terry and I talking while Jane looks at his paintings.
These are Susan's paintings with the exception of the one on the right. The brochure image Susan used which is a self portrait of her when she was 8 appears in the corner on the top right, and on the left of the photograph, you can just see her painting of the rock in Gibraltar where she grew up, not on the rock, but in Gibraltar. She is currently working on her PhD 'The Painted Portrait as a way to combat disrupted identities in patients suffering from life threatening or chronic illnesses'. More information on her website:
From Wroughton we drove back to Swindon town centre, parked in the car park by the Wyvern and visited the Wyvern Theatre downstairs bar where Tara Parker-Woolway was sitting with hers and David's exhibition. Tara has recently started painting cows, a departure from her glorious hens, we were given a glimpse of two she was working on during SOS weekends
The photo looks a bit dark, it shows David's photographs made from many layers of photos and Tara's hens.
Tara also had some lovely cards produced by
To find out more about Tara's activities
and David:
That's the end of part 1 of the visits.

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