Sunday, 23 September 2012

Swindon Open Studios - Part 2 the Central Library and Swindon Artists Forum

From the Wyvern Theatre Gallery, we walked to the Central Library, according tot he brochure there were 10 artists there.
Mezzaluna Bags and Berets all beautifully made from scratch by Gill and Debbie were in the 'drum' area with Rachel Coyle who makes gorgeous jewellery and decorative products from fused glass, they were welcoming people to SOS as they entered the Library and did an excellent job of encouraging visitors to walk through the library to the former reference library where the rest of the artists were to be found.
Here is Rachel with her stall and the berets and handbags in the 'drum':
 From there through the library to the former reference library where the other 8 people were, Rosa did  good business, selling cards and publicising her orphanage in Nepal. Rosa also told visitors about The BOOK PROJECT -women helping women to help themselves
Gavin Salisbury had an amazing array of small things and information about his art, fiction, poetry and music. I have not been able to stop thinking about his piece with 2 extremely small swimmers in a small bath. I have asked if I can buy it, but Margaret Sadler has already done so, I'm hoping he can make some more. Watch out for Gavin's  display in a tall glass cabinets in the Window Gallery soon. Here is a photo of some of his work:
Christine Gray had several of her hot wax pictures on display and demonstrated the technique.
Benoit Philippe was painting during both weekends. His finished picture can be seen on his blog: along with the Swindon Evening Advertiser article about him.
Here are a couple of our photos of Benoit:

Margaret Sadler was in the next part of the reference library with her Lydiard Park piece and the glorious hay bales at North Meadow which were featured on our main poster. I bought 4 cards.
Carmen B Norris has fortunately taken some wonderful photos of the library artists and their work, so please look at her blog on the 10th of September posting.
Bea Menier, our invaluable committee member and Chris Hinton shared a lovely room and enjoyed sharing their ideas with visitors.
Chris Dunn was there on Sundays so I missed seeing him. It's worth having a look at his blog, have a look at this year's entry to the Bath Prize 2012.
This space in the library would make such a perfect art gallery, could that possibly happen?
From the Library, we went into the Brunel Centre to find Swindon Artists Forum, a group of artists who have a gallery in one of the shops.
I was particularly attracted to a painting of Coate Water and the diving board by Robin Woodford:
And Aldbourne by Ernie Evans:
I have been sent a photo of someone painting in the Gallery, I'll add her name soon:
That's the end of part 2 of reporting, it was about 1.15pm on Saturday the 15th of September at this point. Still so much more to see.

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