Thursday, 27 September 2012

Swindon Open Studios Part 4 - out to Longcot

If anyone reading this has not yet been to Longcot studios and workspaces, do make the effort to go next year, and if you have been, I'm sure you'll go again.
The first venue coming from Shrivenham direction is Nutford Lodge where Pat Elmore has several workshops, an indoor display area, a one and a half acre garden with many of Pat's sculptures dotted around, a prolific vegetable garden and wonderful flower borders. The place is buzzing with life and energy, it's a wonderful place to visit. How does Pat accomplish so much?
Kimmy Thomson showed some of her framed prints in Pat's 'showroom', the two complemented each other well as you can see in the photo below:

Tim also took 3  views of the workshops:

 Above the stone is a piece of top quality alabaster, and below a photo of pat doing something.
To find out more, and
From Pat's workshops, we went to The Gables on King's Lane to see Kelty Peat's quirky 3D mannequins. We were made very welcome but were unable to meet Klety because he had a very bad cold. Here are some of his mannequins which are very sexy 'in person'.

 The gorgeous silk paintings just visible in the background, were produced by Jenny Peat, and have titles such as 'I used to be normal but it drove me mad' and 'Bad Hare Day'. I bought 3 cards which I'll include in the 'What I bought' blog article.
From there, we went down the road to Priory Gate where Emma Ablitt does her stone carving, and Helen Pakeman shared the space.
Above there's an overall view of the garden with the carving in the background. While we were in the garden, we saw a red kite wheeling above.
And below photos of Emma's carvings:
 'Longed for family': in limestone above.
 'Head' in blue alabaster
This is a lovely piece in the shadows of the garden, but may not be Emma's.
Helen showed us her paintings and linocuts. The above photo does not do justice to the gorgeous 4 linocuts of Daisies, Poppies, Wisteria and Fuchsia above. Helen also showed us a sampler she works on using a magnifying glass.
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From there we went onto the 'main' road and turned left to visit Henleaze Farm where Sharon not only had a garden full of sculptures, but 5 different breeds of hens in large runs. And the most amazing view of the Uffington White Horse, not seen at it's best in the photo below. I'll try again when I go to buy some more eggs.
 Sharon has gardened around her sculptures showing how well they complement a garden.
 There was also a plant sale.
 Below a lovely piece among a newly planted flower bed.
 Sharon also had some lovely stained glass pieces hanging in a tree, I'll ask her who produced them.
Sharon's was our last visit on an action packed fabulous day.


  1. Thanks for sharing your SOS 2012 experience and photos.

  2. Ah thank you Carmen. That's just Saturday's visits. I'll start Sunday tomorrow.