Monday, 17 September 2012

Tredegar House and Gardens- a newly acquired National Trust Property has a fascinating history

Wales is not famed for its National Trust properties, but they took over the running of Tredegar House from Newport Borough Council who had been running it since 1974, on the 4th of April this year.
And today I see there's a letter to the editor on page 12 of the National Trust magazine from Ruth and Lesley Parrat praising Tredegar House and wishing them every success.
It's very easy to get to the house by public transport, by train to Newport and then a short bus ride to the house.
The first thing you see when approaching the grounds is a mosaic dragon at the entrance:
It's beautifully done, here's a detail:
We had lunch in the cafe and then wandered around the grounds, here's a lovely long border:
The house has ornate external features, and quite a difficult to find entrance, the door is closed to prevent dust getting into the house.
Once inside we took the guided tour upstairs and were very pleased we did, our guide was extremely knowledgeable about the Morgan family who had lived in a house on the site since 1402, and finally left in 1951 when it was sold and became a school.
The last Morgan, Evan who took over the house in 1934, was renowned for holding large parties and inviting Aldous Huxley, Augustus John and GK Chesterton among many other to his parties.
Here's a photo of Evan in his heyday:
There are many great portraits in the house, this is of his mother:
 And this a cartoon of Augustus John:
After the entertaining tour of the upstairs rooms, there's a wedding feast set up in the wood panelled dining room with delightful carvings around the walls like this green man:

What a wonderful day out we had at Tredegar House, do make sure you go into the house and have a guided tour upstairs.
Jay, one of the other participants in the day has also written a blog article about Tredegar House,:

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