Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Largest Squash exceeds the Maximum figure given by 3lbs, and Sweetcorn Grew Fabulously

Just look at the sweetcorn:
It has been so tender and tasty, I couldn't resist the photo. Each plant had an average of 3 cobs like this one.
With a frost hovering about the edges of this area, I harvested the single Squash plant I had on the allotment yesterday. There were 6 gorgeous squashes on one plant:
The Variety is Crown Prince, it will grow to 9lbs and my largest, second row on the right is 12lbs! The best bet for seeds appears to be to join the Swindon Allotment and Leisure Garden Society, and through them order your seeds from Kings .
Good news on allotments, there are possibly some plots becoming available;   have a look at the council's website:

And the front garden is filled with luscious growth, just look at this Fuchsia which was only planted out there just over a year ago.
 It's now taller than the fence.
And look at the delightful flowers in close up.

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