Monday, 15 October 2012

Stourhead is Stunning

The leaflet describes it as ' living work of art' and it's true, both in the grounds and house, there are delights at every turn.
Here are just a few:
 There are fabulous trees in the woods, this was a sort of beech with a silvery bark.

 Here's St. Peter's Pump above, it's a little walk away from the main gardens, with a well within the arched area.
 Below the Pantheon, the largest and most important garden building at Stourhead.
 And below the Palladian Bridge based on a Palladio bridge in Vicenza.

 In the village of Stourton, just beside Stourhead grounds, there's a great pub called the Spread Eagle, and this is the emblem for it.
 Before going in the house, this was the last feature to look at, it's called the Bristol Cross, it was moved from Bristol and rebuilt here in 1764.
And on the steps to the house, are 4 magnificent planters with the theme again of eagles, this time a pair with their wings spread out.
 Just a couple of photos taken inside the house, above a drawing of a ferreter found in the library, he's got ferrets in both hands! And a view of a fountain form one of the rooms.
With the closing date of October the 18th fast approaching, there's a rush to make the most of membership by visiting as many places as possible, although Stourhead does have longer opening times than most places.

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