Tuesday, 27 November 2012

More Improvements in Theatre Square

The Window Gallery is a real favourite of mine as a place to put up work, to hang around in, to promote and to photograph.
When I talked to Sally Taylor and Vicky Silver, at Artsite, about it they were reluctant to call it the Window Gallery, seeing it instead as the Number 9 Gallery which is what the whole former Merlin Gallery is called.
It was agreed that it could be called the Window Gallery and that lettering would be useful on all three gallery windows, so I did some research, ordered it online from Vinyl Lettering Company and here it is:

 To see the lettering properly, the background needs to be arranged differently.
I will do that with the Artsite/SOS Christmas exhibition.
 These two are clearer.
 To get your own lettering, try this company:www.vinyllettering.co.uk

And below is a photo of Gordon Dickinson's stunning butterflies on the side of the Artsite building.
 To see more of Gordon's sculptures have a look at:


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