Thursday, 6 December 2012

Laura Copping's Exhibition at the Landing Arts Gallery

The Landing Arts Gallery at Swindon's Arts Centre on Devizes Road is proving to be a hugely successful venue for artists.
Jaime Bullock, who manages the gallery, has booked artists until April 2014 and has now stopped taking bookings. She is very pleased with the success of the gallery, and the positive responses she has received about it.

For the months of December and January 2012/13, Laura Copping's work is on display for the first time in several years. This very popular artist is displaying some very bold and colourful pieces, do have a look when you're passing, weekdays 10am-5pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm.

I don't want to spoil the experience, but here's a flavour of the work:
Above is a photograph of the wall, and just out of view is Jaime being quizzed about prices, sizes and how to buy one of Laura's paintings.

A closer look at 3 paintings giving an idea of the richness of the colours Laura uses.
Above a tree with a changing background depending on the light falling on it, and below some glorious butterflies.

To find out more about the Arts Centre: , there is a link to the Landing Arts Gallery on there.

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