Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hurry to View Gavin Salisbury's Installations in Miniature

Gavin Salisbury describes his work as 'Installations in miniature- surreal scenes', they are becoming so popular that a friend was waiting for a preview at my house when Gavin arrived with them last night.
He brought 11 round, my friend bought two, and I bought one, the rest will go on display in the Window Gallery on Saturday 1st of December.
These are Carole's purchases:
 This is a miniature bathroom cabinet with a wine glass on the top right hand side, called Cabinet Curiosities.

 There is a woman sitting on the wine glass.
And there's a whole lot of things happening in the cabinet.
Secondly she bought a chaise longue entitled The Crossing:
 And I bought the piece below which is untitled.
 Eight more of Gavin's pieces will be on display in the Window Gallery from the 1st of December, with a handing in time of 6.30-7.30pm on Friday at the Number 9 Gallery, Theatre Square, SN1 1QN. They will be available to buy at the Artsite Party on the 7th of December from 7.30pm onwards.
For more information on Gavin's work have a look at:
Please email me to find out how to buy anything in the Window Gallery after 1.12.12

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

More Improvements in Theatre Square

The Window Gallery is a real favourite of mine as a place to put up work, to hang around in, to promote and to photograph.
When I talked to Sally Taylor and Vicky Silver, at Artsite, about it they were reluctant to call it the Window Gallery, seeing it instead as the Number 9 Gallery which is what the whole former Merlin Gallery is called.
It was agreed that it could be called the Window Gallery and that lettering would be useful on all three gallery windows, so I did some research, ordered it online from Vinyl Lettering Company and here it is:

 To see the lettering properly, the background needs to be arranged differently.
I will do that with the Artsite/SOS Christmas exhibition.
 These two are clearer.
 To get your own lettering, try this

And below is a photo of Gordon Dickinson's stunning butterflies on the side of the Artsite building.
 To see more of Gordon's sculptures have a look at:

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Celia Paul and William Feaver in Conversation at the Pallant House Gallery

I was lucky enough to attend this talk on the 22nd of November at 6pm at the Pallant House gallery.
Celia Paul was a student of Lucien Freud's at the Slade in the 1970s, she became his model and they had a child together, Frank Paul.
To mark the exhibition 'Painters in Parallel' which features Celia Paul's and Gwen John's work, she discussed her work and relationship with Lucien Freud.
The event was a sell out, and there was much enthusiasm for Celia Paul's tranquillity, insightful portraits of her sisters, friends and mother, and questions about whether her flat really does have a room with only one chair in it.
It was dark when we arrived, the outside of the building looked great with lights on inside:
Above is the old part of the Pallant House Gallery, and below the newer part with Christmas lights illuminating it:

 The poster for the exhibition with Christmas lights reflected in the glass:
It's called 'Gwen John and Celia Paul Painters in Parallel' and runs until the 27th of January 2013.
You can buy a catalogue from the Gallery bookshop online:
But the Pallant House Gallery bookshop is fabulous, there's a wealth of wonderful art books in there, and many well reduced books. I wanted to buy an Eric Ravilious book from the Ravilious in Pictures series; they had the whole series, so I bought 'A Travelling Artist' which is well worth the £25 which I baulked at the first and second time I saw the book.
Here's a small section of the bookshop:

 And if you're wondering what else there might be to see, there's a Jean Debuffet exhibition entitled 'Transitions' running until the 3rd of February 2013.
Here's a small image of his work 'Affluence' (detail) 1961on the front cover of the current Pallant House Gallery brochure:

Do have a look at the Pallant House Gallery website, and consider a visit.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Female Empowerment Exhibition now on Display at the Post Modern Gallery, Artsite

The twinned exhibition organised by Shanta Ranee, Female Empowerment, from a male perspective, follows the earlier exhibition from a female perspective.
The artwork is now ready to view in the Post Modern Gallery, and will be displayed until the 27th of November.
The gallery is open daily from 11am - 4pm
The Private View on Friday 23rd of November from 6.30pm is a not to be missed event.
In addition to meeting the artists, there will be live music and poetry readings.
Here are a few photos of the work on display:
The four top drawing are by Ken White as we have never seen him before. To find out more, come along and talk to him about them at the Private View.

I'm not sure what this is, but it appeared to feature several artworks.
The A4 printed piece of paper beneath the ladder is well worth reading, I am going to ask it's author, Kevin Fitchett for a copy of it.

And Tim Carroll's piece with the most glorious conker shell hat on the middle woman.
For more information on the exhibition and the thinking behind it,
And come along on Friday evening to find out how men have responded to the female empowerment theme.

Preview of Window Gallery Items for December

Members of Artsite and Swindon Open Studios have been asked to hand in items to be displayed in the Window Gallery in the former Merlin Gallery, now known as the Number 9 Gallery in Theatre Square, opposite Artsite, SN1 1QN, on the 30th of November between 6.30-7.30pm.
The display will be ready for viewing by the 1st of December.
All items in the window will be for sale, and can be bought, either by ringing 01793 527149, or coming along to the party on the 7th of December from 7.30pm onwards when there will be more items for sale.
The Number 9 Gallery will also be open on the 8th and 15th of December, and maybe more often.
Here are the lovely items Pat Elmore will be putting in the Window Gallery:
It isn't that easy to see, there's painting of a horse, some pendants carved from stone, a soapstone swan and penguin and some sweet owls made from clay. To see the magnificence of Pat's work, visit:

Tim Carroll has also been busy making clay items for Christmas presents, here are some individually designed angels:

and a dragonfly clock:
 And many more items are being fired in the kiln. To see more of Tim's work visit:

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Journaling Workshop Opportunity on the 15th of December 11am-1pm

Bea Menier, SOS committee member, will be running a free taster journaling workshop on Saturday the 15th of December in the former reference library section of the Central Library, Regent Circus, SN1 1QG.

The workshop runs from 11am -1pm, places are limited, so please contact Bea if you would like to take part in the workshop.

Either ring: 01793 694945 or

Here is a copy of the poster advertising the Journaling Workshop, please pass the information to anyone else who may be interested in attending.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

PARA Tree Planting on the Evelyn Street Embankment

Part 2 of the Piper's Area Resident's Association, PARA, tree planting took place this morning at 10.30am.
Adrian Downing, Wiltshire tree warden, had an idea a while ago that it would be a great idea to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee by planting 60 trees along the Evelyn Street embankment.
The 60 trees mark the 60 years of the Queen's reign and were planted down the path which represents the original route of the railway track from Evelyn railway bridge along the embankment to Pipers Way.
The trees were donated by the Woodland Trust via Paul Bradbury, a local contractor, and the planting was facilitated by a community grant obtained by Councillor Nadine Watts (Lab, Old Town).
Yesterday pupils from the Croft School, their parents, teachers, PARA members and Swindon Park Rangers began the planting.
Today we completed the job.
Here are a few photos to remind us of the event:
 Spades at the ready:
Adrian's tree planting guide:
Before it all started:

And when people arrived:
Here's a small group working together:
It took just over an hour for the planting to be completed and afterwards the refreshments were kindly served in Carole and David Bent's garden, here are the cakes:
 And the tree planters relaxing:

Two more photos taken by Colin:

What a glorious morning, thank you to all those residents who came along to help.
What should we do next to involve the community?
And today's Adver article can be found at:

A Christmas Party at the Number 9 Gallery to Advertise the Window Gallery's Exhibition and a chance to have a look at some Gorgeous Things

Please come along to the party on the 7th of December from 7.30pm onwards. The Number 9 Gallery is the former Merlin Gallery opposite Artsite. It will hopefully have it's sign above the shop sorted by then.
The Window Gallery is running an exhibition with a Christmas present theme, please bring items along on the 30th of November between 6.30-7.30pm with a thought as to how they may be displayed in the window.
On the party evening, it's hoped there will be artists with more things to sell than those in the window.
The Number 9 Gallery shop will be open on Saturday the 8th and the 15th of December selling similar items to those available on Friday evening.
Gallery opening hours will depend on how many people would like to use the space and open the doors.
Please email me at   if you want to help or find out more.
Please invite your friends.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Aldbourne to Ramsbury over the tops and back again

We have experienced some beautiful blue skies and glorious sunshine this weekend, the perfect time to walk over the tops on old tracks from Aldbourne to Ramsbury, where coincidentally there used to be a pottery Mike Yates talked about on Friday at a talk at Swindon's Museum and Art Gallery.
He has also written an article about it in the Friends Journal winter issue 2011.
Here are four of the Ramsbury Pottery pots he owns:
 and a close up of the one with light reflecting off it:
On the way back from Ramsbury, we walked back along Love's Lane and came across Love's Lane Studio, thinking it was an Open Studios event, we went to have a look, but it's a recording studio:
The light on the hills as we walked down towards Aldbourne was glorious:

And a few cow parsley stalks:
And then to the green past the church:
 and for a late lunch at the Blue Boar:
 The main courses were great, but Jan's strawberry pavlova was an excellent choice, so good I took a photograph of it:

Give it a try, it's a great pub.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Art Auction Raising Funds to Support Swindon Carers now Postponed.

Donated works for the Swindon Carers Auction will be on view at Artsite from 7pm this evening, the 7th of November.
If you are interested in buying a piece of work to support this organisation which supports carers as young as 5, you could have gone along to the auction on Monday 12th of November at San Marco and enjoy a three course meal, or send a sealed bid to Melanie Stanbury who is organising the event. please note this auction has now been postponed.

More details appear on the Facebook page:

Here is a photo of Tim Carroll's other donated piece - 'Blue Flowers':
NB, The auction on Monday evening has been postponed, details of when the auction will be held will appear as soon as anything is known about it.