Monday, 28 January 2013

Cardiff Bay Revisited

A second visit to Cardiff Bay reminded me how much I enjoyed the first visit , and what a brilliant destination it is on a January day when the snow has just melted and the sun shines. It was magic.
From Cardiff Central it's a short walk to Cardiff Bay, or you can catch a train down there.
These were the highlights:
The couple with the dog are so brilliant, it is just possible to see the spire of the Norweigan church between them.

 Next best is the Welsh Assembly building building with its glorious copper cladding, which did not photograph well, and this fabulous slate wall which gives some idea of how good slate can look.
Above is the Coal Exchange, a glorious building, nearly lost to the nation when it was proposed that it be knocked down.

 Here's a close up of a dog near the entrance tot eh Coal Exchange.

The Norwegian Church was relocated to its present position 20 years ago, and to celebrate this, a local artist, Rhiannon Powell was commissioned to make the stained glass window below which was donated by the Welsh Norwegian Society in April 2012. The plaque also says 'Alt for Norge'.

On our way back to the station after a glorious meal at the Bosphorous, I was able to stop in the middle of the road and photograph the wording on the Welsh Assembly building.
It is worht eating at the Bosphorous and visiting their website for views of the place:
It's also well worht clicking on here for photos of the Welsh Assembly building:

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