Friday, 25 January 2013

Render - an Exhibition of Work Featuring 6 Artists Exploring Contemporary Drawing

This exhibition ran from Saturday 19th of January until Wednesday 23rd of January.
I visited just before it closed on Wednesday afternoon and really enjoyed what I saw.
The 6 artists on the Swindon College course are Jemma Gunning, Kerry Gault, Janice Botherill, Jeff Pigott and Jake Stark.
Their statements are worth reading:
 And below, 3 photos of Jeff Pigott's work, a pillar, and below that detail of the pillar.

 Above is a drawing by Jeff Pigott.

 The picture above was one of a pair.

 Below is a photo of work in 3 D by Jake Stark, it is difficult to see, try magnifying it and see if you can spot the wires.
Much better photos on the Artsite facebook page, in my defence, the exhibition was being dismantled as I tried to look round, so not all pieces were displayed.
More information in the Swindon Advertiser article:
 On the way to the exhibition, I was struck by how wonderful the living wall in the Brunel Centre is looking despite the sub zero temperatures:

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