Friday, 18 January 2013

Swindon in the Snow - a Walk down Victoria Hill

Walking from Old Town this morning down Victoria Hill, I took a series of photographs illustrating the effect of snow on a local hill.
Drivers were struggling to get down Victoria Hill as I passed the Victoria pub, no cars seemed to be coming up the snowy hill.
As I walked further I could see why, the road was being gritted with shovels of grit. Only one photograph was possible because those gritty said 'Oh not another b..... person taking photos.
I tried taking one when I'd walked past:

 Above, one of several cyclists braving the snow and able to get up the hill whereas the car was stuck.
 Vic Hill looks almost romantic, these were taken at 9.45am
 This lorry was well and truly stuck.
 And had a queue behind it.
All was clear by 11am.

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