Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Pre-Raphaelite Exhibition at Tate Britain is Breath - Takingly Good

The Exhibition's full title is Pre-Raphaelites Victorian avant-garde.
The exhibition is held in 7 rooms, each room has a different theme, they are: Origins and Manifesto, History, Nature, Salvation, Beauty, Paradise and Mythologies.
Before going into the exhibition, everyone is given an illustrated guide, with a page to illuminate each room, and a colour illustration from the room.
Here's the front cover depicting Dante Gabriel Rossetti's 'Astarte Syriaca' 1877:
Photographs were not allowed in the exhibition, so photos here depict other things which I enjoyed.
There was an exhibition of work by William Roberts, one of his pieces is shown below:
 and  'Drop, Roll, Slide, Drip......Frank Bowling's Poured Paintings 1973-8 .
One of which is shown below. The colours he has used are superb, more examples of his work are on the Tate website.
In the main galleries, the following paintings were magnificent:
Above is 'The Cab Horse' by Robert Bevan.
 Above is 'Melanie and Me Swimming' by Michael Andrews
 Above with Tim in front to give an idea of scale is 'The Resurrection - Cookham' by Stanley Spencer. 1924-7.
And here is a lovely painting 'Corelia in a Black Dress' by Gwen John. 1903-4
And look at this couple carved in stone and looking passionate despite the medium, who else but Eric Gill could inject such life into a sculpture? It's titled 'Ecstacy' carved in 1903-4.
The shops in Tate Britain are wonderful, it's hard not to overdo the retail therapy. I bought the book shown above for £3.50 in the sale, it's very informative and has some lovely illustrations inside. I also bought a fridge magnet of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's 'The Beloved (The Bride)' and some Pre-Raphaelite silver ear rings made in India!!
To have a look at the artworks at the Tate:
Walking from Victoria coach station to the Tate, these were notable:
 The sculpture above is outside the National Audit Office.
 This is 'The Helmsman' by Andrew Wallace.
 Above and detail below, one of the gorgeous 'fishy' lamp posts by the Thames.

 And this is as near as it was possible to get to one of the statues on Vauxhall Bridge.
And here is 'Locking piece' by Henry Moore. It was made in 1963-4.
The Pre-Raphaelite exhibition is on until the 13th of January 2013, so try and get there before it's over.

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