Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Art for the Arts Centre- the Unveiling of the New Piece of Work to be Displayed has been Revealed.

The event was beautifully managed by Jaime Bullock, the painting unveiled by Ken White who said a few words as the outgoing occupant of  the space.
Tim Carroll whose painting entitled 'Encore' was chosen to take pride of place in the Landing Arts Gallery, spoke about the work and how pleased he was to have had his work selected.
A big 'Thank you' also goes to Darren Edwards, Swindon Arts Centre House Manager for his support and help in judging, and generous wording in the hand out which accompanied the evening.
By clicking on this link, you can see some photos of the evening taken by Gordon Dickinson:
Grandparent duties meant I missed out on the exciting part, but I went along later and photographed all the pieces.
Firstly Tim Carroll's winning entry:
I may be biased, but I think it looks glorious in it's position on the stairs up to the Landing Arts Gallery/theatre.

It was difficult to photograph 'Encore', the rest were easier because I could get close to them, here they are:
 Above 'Applause' by Sue Bardwell
 Above, 'Left Hand Clapping' by Declan Kelly
Below 'Tembo' by GJ
 Below ''Applause' by Ewa Hamilton

 Above 'App-lause' by Kevin Leaning
and below 'The Crowd went Wild' by Denise Leaning
 Below 'The Birth of Galathor'
 And below 'Emperor's Old Clothes' a joint collaboration between Kevin Fitchett and Jamie Moss
Gordon Dickinson also unveiled his  new piece of work on show in the Landing Arts Gallery:
It's entitled 'Je ne sais quoi'.


  1. Congratulations Tim. I'll have to go and see the piece in person.