Monday, 4 February 2013

Debs' Demolition Exhibition at the Beehive

This exhibition which opened yesterday, runs for the whole of February and gives a fascinating insight into the way Swindon College dominated the landscape, and how different the area looks with whole vistas opened up.
The Beehive is now visible from outside the Library, it's a lovely sight!
Apart from the photos on the wall, there are also many other photos to look at in an album in the Beehive.
Debs was on hand yesterday to introduce people to the photos and help understand how she had achieved the views.
Here is Debs talking to Tim about the photos:

The main wall with small framed photos:
 A larger photograph:

 Above here's a close up of a photo I particularly liked.
 This photo above is one of Debs' photos she put on Facebook.
Do go and have a look at the exhibition in the Beehive, more information on the Beehive can be found
To find out more about this exhibition, ring Debs on: 0752 5020 112
More great photos by Shanta Ranee who put up the exhibition at:
There will be an article featuring the exhibition in the Swindon Advertiser this Wednesday.
And below a former exhibitor who now has this painting in the bottom bar of the demolition.
And I couldn't resist a photo of Frank Sinatra in Western Street by Tim Carroll,

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