Wednesday, 20 February 2013

England's Glory - The Men of the Arctic Convoys - a Tribute

I went along to this exhibition today wondering whether I would be able to write about it.
Once I really looked at the exhibition and read the information supplied by Steve Bourne, a former Swindon College student better known for his ceramics which he sells in Bloomingdale's in America, I was amazed and very impressed.
Do try and visit the exhibition before it closes on Saturday the 23rd of February.
at The Post Modern, Theatre Square, Swindon.
Steve's grandfather's boat, the SS Induna bound for Murmansk, was  sailing in the Arctic when it was torpedoed and somehow he survived for 4 days adrift in a lifeboat. His story, which he kept quiet, has inspired Steve to create the artworks.

When the men were rescued, they had such bad frost bite that they were covered in molten wax, these 2 boats shown in the photo above were fashioned from wax and are gorgeous replicas of the recovery vessels.
 These 6 photos are a sample of the long line of photos made by embedding negatives in ceramic slip, they are very small but evoke amazing scenes.

Above is a photo of the small photos.
And this is what Winston Churchill said- 'The worst journey in the world.
More photos to follow of the 390,000 matches to represent the sailors who died between 1939-45.

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