Friday, 8 February 2013

Great News - The Central Library will Accommodate Artists Taking Part in Swindon Open Studios

We met with Colin Curtis at the Central Library, SN1 1QN, on Wednesday morning, to discuss using the former Reference Library for Open Studios again this year.
He was very complimentary about Open Studios, commenting that we're becoming quite well known and agreed that we can use the space again providing we make good any marks in the walls.
Artists who took part in this space last year were: Benoit Philippe, Carmen B Norris, Margaret Sadler, Christine Gray, Chris Hinton, Bea Menier, Gavin Salisbury, Rachel Coyle, Rosa Matheson, Mezzaluna Bags.
A light and airy empty space like the former reference library is hard to photograph, but here are a few photos with Jane and Colin featured in one:
Colin can also be contacted about hiring this space. His contact details will appear when I have them.