Saturday, 16 February 2013

Looking for Snowdrops and finding Red Kites

The valley behind Hodson is a magical place, today was no exception, on a hunt for snowdrops, where better to go?

From the valley, it's only a short walk to the Calley Arms pub
Where the food is delicious and reasonably priced:
On the way back there were more snowdrops on a bank:

And very excitingly a pair of red kites wheeling above as we reached the Hodson gates near the M4, here are some photos:

They are rather small dots.
But why do people throw rubbish out of cars? The verge yielded a lot of cans, bottles and empty bags of sweets and crisps:

This morning on the doorstep was a lovely pot of narcissi and look at the Valentine's card:
How lovely.

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