Wednesday, 27 February 2013

National Garden Scheme Visit to Trench Hill, near Sheepscombe

The email advertising the National Garden Scheme's snowdrop openings attracted my attention, especially when I discovered that a 3 acre garden at Trench Hill, near Sheepscombe was open to the public last weekend. It seems a long time since we were able to marvel at gardens, always an uplifting experience for me. To have a look at gardens open this weekend and in 2013, have a look at the website:
It's worth sending off for a copy of their Yellow Book which lists all gardens open in an area, gardens should give 20 minutes of interest at least in order to qualify for inclusion in the scheme. There are often plants for sale and tea and cakes served with all proceeds going to charity.
I took a few photos of the garden:
 Firstly the entrance sign above, and below some miniature irises, there were many in all shades of blue.
 And below masses of snowdrops:

 Above a pair of lovely wooden seats that were very comfortable and gave a lovely view of the valley between Trench Hill and Sheepscombe village.
 Looking back at the house.

Above the plants aren't easy to identify, but there were many varieties of Hellebores and Cyclamen.

 There were many statues and artefacts in the garden, I think this was my favourite one.
The Butcher's Arms in Sheepscombe looked very inviting, but we carried on walking through Lord's and Lady's wood leaving that experience for another time.

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