Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tracey Baker-Stewart's Exhibition at the Landing Arts Gallery

This exhibition will run for the whole of February at the Landing Arts Gallery, the opening was between 5-7pm last night at the Gallery and was well attended.
 Tracey has explored the connection between 'Puppet' and 'Control' for this exhibition, it is her first solo exhibition in 6 years; she has included some earlier works in the 'Puppet' theme.
If you would like to contact Tracey about her work, please ring: 07813078426.
Here are some of the pictures:

  Isn't this one great? It's called - 'A Portrait of the Person I'm Supposed to Be'

 A glorious pencil drawing of father and daughter

And some assorted photos:

 A lovely one of Gordon and Tim.
And a photo of the wall waiting for the results of the competition to find another piece of work on the theme of 'Applause' to replace Ken White's piece:
Results will be announced on the 12th of February when there will be an unveiling of the chosen work.
To find out more about the Landing Arts Gallery and the Arts Centre, visit:
And to see the Swindon Advertiser photograph:

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