Sunday, 17 March 2013

Adan Exhibition at Artsite, Theatre Square until March 23rd - Talk on Wednesday March 20th at 7pm

If you haven't yet been down to Artsite in Theatre Square, you have until the 23rd of March to visit Mike Yates' extraordinary collection.
Mike is there every day between 11am-4pm to talk about the figures and their significance.
He will also be giving a talk on Wednesday the 20th of March in the gallery at 7pm with refreshments.
The evening promises to be very special, an experience not to be missed.
In the meantime, here's a taste of the sort of things you will see:
Lots of glorious wall hangings and figures

 The figures above were removed annually from houses and ritually washed in the sea, and dusted with kaolin before being returned, hence their white appearance.

 The figure above and below is a very interesting looking figure.

 His face in close up is fabulous.

 The photo above shows part of an Adan shrine
 This is photo above shows Adan Spirit Houses, they are kept on shrines, they represent stylized Adan houses and are a place for spirits to stay while visiting the shrine.
 Above and some amazing birds and below a tortoise
 The pieces below are part of the Ritual metalwork and other symbolic shrine pieces group of displays. Metal objects such as ritual knives or axes are often placed on Adan shrines as a mark of respect to Gu, the God of Iron.
 A couple more photos..

As can be seen by the fact they are holding something on their heads, these figures are Water Carriers, also associated with trade and commerce.
 For the definitive explanations and great insight into the exhibition, come along on Wednesday evening the 20th of March at 7pm.

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