Sunday, 10 March 2013

International Women's Day - The Corridor Gallery Exhibition, Bea Menier's Journaling Workshop and More...

International Women's Day in the Central Library in Swindon was well supported and a great success thanks to the brilliant organising by Rosa Matheson.
The Corridor Gallery in the Library looked like it's always been used as a gallery space, I felt the Swindon Open Studios exhibition certainly enhanced the space. Here are some photos:

 Two views of the general space taken from either end, and below close ups of individual pieces:
These three paintings were entered for the 'Applause competition at the Arts Centre, so that is their theme. On the left is 'The Birth of Galathor' by Rebecca Culver, top is 'The Crowd went Wild' by Denise Leaning and below it, 'Applause' by Ewa Hamilton.
The top picture is Bev Greig's 'Sanguine' and below Sophie Corrigan's Comfort Quilt.
 Above there are 4 pictures by Jill Adams entitled 'Lydiard Park Before the Revamp'
The circus elephant is called 'Tembo' and is by Cat Jamieson, to the left is 'Column and Blue Pot' by Alex Coppock-Bunce and below that 2 photos by Mira Graham which can't really be seen very well.
 Moving along with a blue edging, Dee Levy's 'Holding Together' with 'Beauty' a photo by Cidalia Dias below. Only just visible on the left of them are a photo by Karen Roswell and a painting 'Girl from 'Cote d'Ivoire' by Jane Milner-Barry
 Two quilts by Carmen B Norris entitled 'The Couple' and 'Model Student'
 Above, the top piece is ''Applause' by Sue Bardwell and the piece below Sue's is 'Viral Dreamers' by Pei Lim
Doesn't this look amazing? It's the view of the garden from Jane's bathroom, her cat Suki is looking out  over the garden, just visible behind the plants. It's Called 'Suki's Kingdom' by Jane Milner-Barry.

The exhibition will be in the Corridor Gallery until the 20th of March, so try and have a look.
I attended Bea's Journaling workshop which was the first of the day. I was inspired to start doing something myself and so bought a gorgeous notebook from the Pen and Paper stand.
Here are a couple of photos of the workshop:

 A book by Sue Lewington, I thought her books were beautifully illustrated.
Sabine Coe was photographing the event, and hopefully she will email Bea and I a couple of flattering photos of ourselves for the website. and

And look at Artsite's latest banner, it looked fab.

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