Thursday, 28 March 2013

What is the Future of Leisure and Culture in Swindon?

At a Cabinet Meeting last Wednesday 20th of March, Councillor Garry Perkins recommended Cabinet Members agreed an Options Appraisal of Leisure and Culture Commissioning.
He emphasized that there will be a true consultation about which options the Council will adopt, but did not suggest how this will happen.
The plan which was approved by Cabinet, involves saving as much money as possible by transferring running of leisure centres and golf courses to other organisations or exploring alternative uses for the sites.
The Museum and Art Gallery is housed in a delightful building with a hideous looking sixties extension to house the art gallery. Even in its dilapidated state with the word 'Museum' removed, it looks rather grand:
 View of the Museum and Art Gallery- Apsley House from across the road
 Right in front of the building
 Above the front door where the word 'Museum' has been removed because the 'M' was vandalised
And a view of the front door.
Under point 3.24, the suggestion is made that the Swindon museum collections are relocated to STEAM or Lydiard and the Art Collection, so admired by the Duchess of Cornwall in January 2012 with the accompanying booklet 'They Take Art Seriously in Swindon', may be moved to the former Reference library adjacent to the Central Library.
The Arts Centre and Wyvern are together subsidised to the tune of £500000, so their future is uncertain. It's hard to imagine Old Town without the Arts Centre.

The Press Release relating to this can be found below:
The more detailed plan which was approved by cabinet can be found on the local resident's association

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