Monday, 29 April 2013

The May Window Gallery Exhibition with a Mermaid Theme

Submissions to the May Window Gallery exhibition are being accepted on May 1st between 6.30-7pm at the Number 9 Gallery, opposite Artsite.
Although I am unsure about the theme, it has attracted some interesting conversations, and Carole Humphreys has given me this amazing painting which will stay on the wall in the hall until Wednesday:
 Tim Carroll has these mermaids drying out on a grill tray:
I have bought a mermaid table, and Vicky Silver has found the following:

Please don't be put off by the mermaid theme, other work can be submitted, the mermaid themed things can be grouped together.

Ken White's Private View on Saturday Evening was a Great Success

Lots of people turned up, the Virgin red girl was on the floor painted onto a huge sheet of canvas; Ken seemed to spend quite a lot of time lying on the floor being photographed beside her. At the time it didn't seem quite the thing to do, now I wish I had a photo to show you here, I'll try and get a Facebook link to one.
I took photos of the evening before looking at the pictures when there were very few people around:
 And here's my walk around, photographing my favourites:
 Apologies for the light reflections, this is a print of a painting of the naked Beatles done in 1969, I love it.
 A painting done for the David Bowie poster, and there are copies of the original painting, in the exhibition which can be bought.
 This is a CD cover for the Swindon band XTC

 This is one of two plans measured out for Ken's mural.
 This is a painting done after a walk we went on with Ken and Jan from Aldbourne to Ramsbury and back again in February this year, the puddles really were this big.
 By the time I had been round and looked at the paintings, the room had begun to fill up.

There are 3 more days left to look at the exhibition at Artsite, 11am-4pm, it runs until 2nd of May
Do go and have a look.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Great News about the Pubs on the Corner in Old Town

Residents are greening and cleaning up Old Town tomorrow afternoon to make it look as though someone looks after the area.
 It was therefore sad to see part of the facade of the gorgeous Royal Oak fall down the other day, shortly after the nearby Plough Inn closed its doors for what may have been the last time.
Both pubs had external attention yesterday, the remaining letters from the side that had collapsed were removed so that they can act as templates for new letters to be made .
The Royal Oak is a Grade 2 listed building and its facade will be restored to the original condition; here's the main entrance:
The Plough Inn  which dates back from before there was a railway running in a cutting beside it, has a sign saying it is undergoing refurbishment and will be shortly opened up as a ale and cider pub. This is great news, I did consider whether it could become a community pub, but it would be a lot of work.
Here's the new Arkells sign:
And the Plough showing the side view:
For more on the clean

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Until the 5th of May, the Kurt Jackson exhibiton 'A one- mile walk' in Chipping Campden is a Great day out.

The Campden Gallery is a glorious gallery in which to host this superb Kurt Jackson exhibition, it's well worth a visit.
There are paintings and ceramics, a video about Kurt Jackson including him on a clifftop standing on a huge painting in bare feet sloshing about in paint.
The catalogue is great as a reminder of the paintings, and at £10 quite reasonably priced.
Here are some photos of the work:
 'Step Softly, tread lightly. 2012'
Mixed media and collage on canvas

 'Porthmeor evening tide, October 2012'
Mixed media on paper

 'The tide flows in with a roar, January 2013'
acrylic and collage on board

 'Cornish thistle, a bit of hawkbit and a stalk of plantain, October 2012'
acrylic on board

Above is a general view of the gallery.
The Campden Gallery is in the High Street, GL55 6AG
It's well worth looking at the website, you can download the brochure, and look at past exhibitions.
Above all though, go and have a look at the current exhibition.
While there, it's worth having a walk along the Cotswold Way to Dover's Hill, north to the Dingle and round entering Chipping Campden from the east.
There are lots of sheep and lambs to be seen at this time of year:

And rather a superb secondary school dating back to 1927 with the 3 sheaves coat of arms above the
The rural part of the  walk ends at the church, the back of which has the most amazing gateway:

And just beside this is Court Barn, a museum of craft and design:
 With some of Bernard Leach's pots on display

Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Preview of What Might be in Ken White's Exhibition - Open from Tuesday 23rd of April until Thursday 2nd of May 11am-4pm daily

I had a preview of what might be in Ken White's exhibition at Artsite which runs for 10 days from next Tuesday.
Ken is a prolific artist who has been involved in the most fascinating projects, and is going to have representatives of these on display, and be available on site to discuss his work.
There are portraits of many famous musicians painted as in the case of the Beatles below, literally in the flesh:
 And here is a fab. photo of Ken at this time when he was engaged in making murals all over the world:

I think the poster work was fairly near the beginning:
In this photo you can see a pile of Ken's posters. I suggested these needed putting behind glass before going on display. The one above is from the 6th of June 1976 for Bath Festival.

The painting below is from 1984:
The Swindon Bowl with lots of reflections:

 The latest work is looking back to another age:
Here are a group:
I think this is the latest:
Here's Ken's desk:
And Ken wondering what to put into the exhibition:
The exhibition is going to also include the Virgin plane logo painted on a huge piece of canvas a copy of which is seen below on the invitation:
Don't forget to come along to the Private View next Saturday 27th of April from 7pm .
And the Swindon Advertiser article in the paper on the 25th of April:{%2210151436903825017%22%3A450939991650153}&action_type_map={%2210151436903825017%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]

Thursday, 18 April 2013

A Morning Trip into Old Town can be Full of Surpirises

I set out to have a look at possible indoor plants on sale in Old Town this morning, and was delighted to see that Swindon Commercial Services were digging up the beds we are going to plant as part of the Old Town Clean Up + from 2-4pm on the 28th of April, the local resident's associations are involved in this, more information at: They are removing as much of the ivy and its roots as possible and adding some topsoil:

All looking very positive, and time to pick up the pint glasses that had been left ther
Next stop Rose Earle's newsagents where I was given a double primrose, and bought an Adver. with the front page news that the Royal Oak Inn  tiles had fallen off yesterday, here's the intact side:

Onto the Flower Basket where there there were some contenders for indoor plants:
 Cacti above and below, you can't go wrong with these.

 Look at these delightful Tete a Tete in superb pots.
 Above Balloon plants and below pale blue Muscari
And finally on the way home, I was chatting to Mary about the tiles on the ground, and possibilities of using them in a garden feautre when we saw they were being loaded onto a truck. We went over and were given the pick of the tiles. Here's my freebie haul from this morning's trip:
The letters 'K', 'A' and 'N', a primrose and 3 pint glasses.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Artsite's Private View of the New Spring Exhibition on 11th April and the latest Window Gallery Exhibition

The Private View/ Party at Artsite was a great get together with some excellent work on show and well attended.
The exhibition runs until the 20th of April, so there's still time to visit it.

Here's an idea of what went on:

 Gordon Dickinson's red heart face stands out beautifully.
 Monika Tobel in the foreground and others around.
 Slightly different positions, a bit like spot the difference.
 Above Carole Humphries' 'Widow's Weeds'
 Above Beverley Greig's 'Bampton1' and 'Bampton11'
 Tim Carroll's 'Antony and Cleopatra'
 Sue Wigmore's gorgeous glassware
 Above Hilda Sheehan in conversation
 Above Tim's second painting 'The Street'
More photographs can be found on Facebook, they are much better than these:
 And above here's the April Window Gallery with work by Don Elliott whose details are below.
Have a look there are some gems in there.