Thursday, 18 April 2013

A Morning Trip into Old Town can be Full of Surpirises

I set out to have a look at possible indoor plants on sale in Old Town this morning, and was delighted to see that Swindon Commercial Services were digging up the beds we are going to plant as part of the Old Town Clean Up + from 2-4pm on the 28th of April, the local resident's associations are involved in this, more information at: They are removing as much of the ivy and its roots as possible and adding some topsoil:

All looking very positive, and time to pick up the pint glasses that had been left ther
Next stop Rose Earle's newsagents where I was given a double primrose, and bought an Adver. with the front page news that the Royal Oak Inn  tiles had fallen off yesterday, here's the intact side:

Onto the Flower Basket where there there were some contenders for indoor plants:
 Cacti above and below, you can't go wrong with these.

 Look at these delightful Tete a Tete in superb pots.
 Above Balloon plants and below pale blue Muscari
And finally on the way home, I was chatting to Mary about the tiles on the ground, and possibilities of using them in a garden feautre when we saw they were being loaded onto a truck. We went over and were given the pick of the tiles. Here's my freebie haul from this morning's trip:
The letters 'K', 'A' and 'N', a primrose and 3 pint glasses.

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