Saturday, 27 April 2013

Great News about the Pubs on the Corner in Old Town

Residents are greening and cleaning up Old Town tomorrow afternoon to make it look as though someone looks after the area.
 It was therefore sad to see part of the facade of the gorgeous Royal Oak fall down the other day, shortly after the nearby Plough Inn closed its doors for what may have been the last time.
Both pubs had external attention yesterday, the remaining letters from the side that had collapsed were removed so that they can act as templates for new letters to be made .
The Royal Oak is a Grade 2 listed building and its facade will be restored to the original condition; here's the main entrance:
The Plough Inn  which dates back from before there was a railway running in a cutting beside it, has a sign saying it is undergoing refurbishment and will be shortly opened up as a ale and cider pub. This is great news, I did consider whether it could become a community pub, but it would be a lot of work.
Here's the new Arkells sign:
And the Plough showing the side view:
For more on the clean

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